Delta Task Force

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Welcome to the home of
Delta Task Force

A Federation fleet in Star Trek Online
The Christmas Quiz

So you think you know it all .. hey? Want some free stuff? Need a break from those visiting family members? Then the Christmas quiz is for you.

Saturday 27th December
12h00 PST - 15h00 EST - 20h00 GMT/UK - 21h00 CET - 22h00 CAT

Read more about it here

Fleet Meeting this Sunday 21st December ...

11h00 PST - 14h00 EST - 19h00 GMT/UK - 20h00 CET - 21h00 CAT

We'll meet up at the Starbase. Join us on our Teamspeak channel (address below). Even if you can not talk, you can listen and contribute by typing in to the team chat window.
Teamspeak is a free download and really easy to install.
Jubilee, Roamer, Taka and Marco at our Starbase, taken after the last meeting.

Team Speak Server

Our Team Speak server is

All of our fleet meetings will take place on this server.

We also have an in-game alliance with the Echelon fleets.
Nice bunch always open for a chat and a game.

You must be over 18 to participate on Echelon's Teamspeak.

Now go and buy those lovely tactical consoles!

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