Delta Task Force

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Welcome to the home of
Delta Task Force

A Federation fleet in Star Trek Online

Meeting this weekend

Saturday 13th September
12h00 PST - 15h00 EST
19h00 GMT - 20h00 BST - 21h00 CET/CAT

Come and say hi at our starbase this weekend. A very formal open discussion about the fleet and the game. Always great to meet and hear from our fellow Deltans.

Recommend you have Team Speak installed. If you do not have a microphone you can at least listen. It is a free program and really easy to install.

Can't wait ... Delta Rising coming in October!

Report Back

Thanks to all who came to the meeting on Saturday night. It was a great turn out and the quiz afterwards was a load of fun.

We'll have the meeting only once a month, but we would like to have more fun get togethers.
We have started a thread in the forums to find out what fleet events you would join ... STFs, Fleet runs, Dilithium runs, Spire Space or Ground, PvPs, whatever you can think of. Do you like ground STFs?
Let's see what the fleet is in to (hmmm .. STO related) and let's get something going.

And the members section is back  ... please click on Members at the top of page and tell us a little about yourself. Where you from, who your characters are in game, bank details, etc.

Below is a pic below of some of the team after last nights meeting ... Sorry ... I could not salute and take the picture at the same time! No disrespect intended.

If you have some pics you want to post, anyone can post pics to the section above.

See you in game!

Breaking News

Season 10 is coming and it is a big one!

Word coming out of the 2014 Star Trek Convention over the weekend of the 2nd August, is that Season 10 will be out in October

It will be called Delta Rising, and it looks like a New Romulus size expansion!

Also looks like the we are going to be climbing to level 60, as well an increase in weapon and ship levels. posted a comprehensive report of the event here.

Team Speak Server

Our Team Speak server is

All of our fleet meetings will take place on this server.

We also have an in-game alliance with the Echelon fleets.
Nice bunch always open for a chat and a game.

You must be over 18 to participate on Echelon's Teamspeak.

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