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Welcome to the home of

Delta Task Force (Fed),
Delta Strike Force (KDF)

and Delta Recon Force (Fed)

- Fleets in Star Trek Online -

Season 10 is here ....

There are many changes to the game, including the whole game is now divided into 3 sectors, new ground and space PvE matches, a new reputation, new episodes, and (my fav!) you can now trade in mass amounts of marks for dilitihium at one time.

There is a lot of information on the Arc News Website here.

The trailer is here

and a lot of details here in the release notes.


A life is like a garden, Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. Live Long and Prosper.

Leonard Nimoy - 23 February 2015


New Alliance


After the ending of our previous alliance in early January, we have been searching for a new fleet or group of fleets to ally with. We found them. After a senior staff meeting, we unanimously agreed upon an alliance, and as such, it is now in existence. From now on, we are allied with the Scorpion fleets, consisting of

 - Scorpion Armada (Fed)

 - Scorpion Academy (Fed)

 - Scorpion Marauders (KDF)

This alliance will exist to have a larger group of people to fly with, to chat with, to laugh with. Invites to each other fleet holdings are possible. In the future we can even have events across the alliance!

To ensure that you can participate in this alliance, we would advise you to join the Network Chat channel. This ingame channel, is dedicated for communication across the fleets, to team up for missions, PvEs and PvPs, and to chat with one another. To join, simply type in your chat window:

/channel_join Network Chat and you'll be in.


Pictures from the Joint Fleet Meeting on Defera
Delta Strike Force

It had to happen ... the launch of Delta Strike Force, our new Delta Klingon fleet, and thanks for the support already shown. Many of our Delta Federation people have moved their characters into DSF already, but there is no pressure!

There is plenty of projects to donate to if you are finding it difficult to donate where you are.

If you would like to help with the management of the fleet, let one of the Admirals know.

Team Speak Server and ingame chat

Our Team Speak server is

All of our fleet meetings will take place on this server.

Teamspeak is a free program and a real easy next->next->next-> type install. Even if you do not have a mictophone, you can use Teamspeak to listen in on the meetings and comment with the ingame chat box.

Apart from the usual fleet chat, we have two more in-game chat channels.

This is a channel so we can chat between our Federation and KDF fleets.
To join type  /channel_join Deltas in the chat window

Network Chat
This was set up so we could talk between the fleets we are aligned to. This replaces the old Echelon Alliance channel.
To join type  /channel_join Network Chat in the chat window

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