Delta Task Force

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Welcome to the home of
Delta Task Force

A Federation fleet in Star Trek Online
Breaking News
Star Trek Online Lifetime Subscription Sale
Still a bit pricey but a Lifetime subscription is going for 33% off. Offer expires on 10 July 2014. Ask your fellow fleet mates on whether this is for you!
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Season 9.5 coming
Season 9.5 is coming late July, and will include improvements to crafting.
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Next Fleet Meeting

Details to be posted soon, but towards the end of July.

Team Speak Server

Our Team Speak server is

All of our fleet meetings will take place on this server.

We also have an in-game alliance with the Echelon fleets.
Nice bunch always open for a chat and a game.

You must be over 18 to participate on Echelon's Teamspeak.
by Jubilee 12 days ago
by andarist 4 weeks ago
by Jubilee 4 weeks ago
by RoamerZA 1 months ago

News you can Use

Another Star Trek MMO ... set in fluidic space .... didn't we just do that in STO?!?
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Star Trek The Next Generation Season Six is out in HD goodness on Blu-ray
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Next Star Trek movie confirmed for 2016. Same year Star Trek turns 50
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Nasa's new Warp Ship ... seriously!

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